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Founded in 2012, John Elliott created his namesake menswear label out of Los Angeles, CA and quickly scaled it to be one of the most sought after niche brands on a global scale. Unique material design, impeccable patterns, and quality of construction are synonymous with the clothing brand which produces some of our favorite everyday staples ranging from pants and shorts to fleece and shirting. John Elliott’s style was founded in his love for skate and basketball culture which he still seamlessly incorporates into his upscale seasonal pieces.

The easy to wear distinct silhouettes have led to John Elliott being named one of GQ’s best new designers, amongst many other notable awards. After realizing his success, John Elliott branched out into womenswear as well as expanded upon his mainline collections which consist of evergreen stocked pieces that range in color. Seasonal releases often bring about fresh designs and new materials that John has meticulously scoured the globe for. With garments being made in Japan, Italy and Los Angeles, you can be sure that quality is of the utmost importance.

John Elliott often collaborates with lesser known exclusive brands such as Mastermind, Mackintosh, and M.A.R.S. to name a few, as well as highly established goliaths like GAP, Nike, and Yamaha. The result, some truly amazing limited edition offerings that don’t stay on the shelves long. What has converted us to loyal followers is the interplay of custom materials like those found on the Himalayan line with the unique cut and sewn fits that range from slim to oversized. There’s truly multiple wardrobe enhancing pieces available each season.

Few brands consistently evolve for the better as the years pass like John Elliott has been able to effortlessly do. With an expanding brick and mortar presence and a properly stocked ecommerce storefront, fresh items are always available to complement your closet.


Los Angeles, CA


John Elliott


7 Articles
7 Articles
john elliott hemi shirt review

The John Elliott hemi shirt has become a classic silhouette of the brand that was first released back in 2019. Often constructed from 100% midweight cotton, all hemi shirts feature an oversized, boxy, and slightly cropped cut with elongated sleeves that stack at the wrist.

john elliott himalayan cargo pants review

As if the original Himalayan pants weren’t enough, John Elliott has taken the design one step further to incorporate seven pockets into the silhouette. I mean, can you ever have too many pockets?

Tactical & Practical: John Elliott Miramar Cargo Shorts Review

8 pockets spread across contrasting materials accented by a zipper and drawstrings make up the John Elliott miramar tactical cargo shorts. These are not your everyday cargo shorts.

john elliott himalayan shorts review

Easily my number 1 go to pair of shorts all summer long for casual outings day or night. The John Elliott Himalayan shorts do an excellent job of marrying comfort and style with a refined sporty look suitable for many occasions.

john elliott studio pants review

I don’t typically wear pleated pants. They tend to feel outdated without serving any significant stylistic purpose. But something felt special about the John Elliott studio pants.

john elliott himalayan pants review

I thought my younger days of wearing joggers were behind me, I was definitely wrong. Lured in by the ankle cinch shock cord and interesting material mix, I couldn’t pass up the purchase.

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