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About Haven

Founded in 2006, Haven originally began their legacy as a brick and mortar menswear storefront based in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. As master curators of the hard to find and exclusive, Haven specialized in sourcing and importing some of the most sought after brands from Japan and abroad including Undercover, WTAPS, Cav Empt, Neighborhood, Sophnet, and more. After over a decade of serving this niche audience and expanding their physical footprint across Canada, Haven ventured into designing and developing their in-house label of modern utilitarian outerwear pieces.

When form meets function, the end result is typically a timeless product that will continually see repeated use. This is exactly what Haven has created with their purposefully designed garments geared towards improving everyday life. By utilizing some of the most advanced synthetic materials which feature element blocking capabilities, Haven has built out an outerwear system that is lightweight, temperature modulating, highly functional, and absolutely awesome on the eyes. It is evident in the construction of each item that plenty of thought and engineering has preceded it with a quality typically synonymous with Canadian ingenuity.

The color palette of each drop closely aligns with the fluctuating seasons of the dreary Pacific Northwest with an abundant amount of natural tones ranging from shades of olive to rust. Thick knits, cotton terry, and even premium corduroy adorn the base layers of many Haven products while a vast range of Polartec and Gore-Tex are responsible for keeping you warm, dry, and unaffected by wind. Each and every garment holds true to the utilitarian roots with over engineered construction and highly appealing aesthetics.


Vancouver, BC




5 Articles
5 Articles
Haven in house label goretex jacket

Creating a brand in the highly competitive space that is menswear is not an easy task. Sustaining and evolving a brand over the span of 15+ years is incrementally more difficult.

haven clarks weaver gtx shoe

The solid momentum continues for Haven to finish out 2023 strong. Fresh off of their collaboration with norda™ launching the 003 just weeks ago, the team has now partnered with English brand Clarks to interpret the Weaver GTX in a way that only Haven can.

haven norda 003 shoe release

When two top tier Canadian brands, both with a focus on function, get together to iterate on footwear, you can be sure that the result is nothing short of awesome.

haven windbloc polartec boulder fleece review

Probably one of my favorite pieces of outerwear from Haven thus far, the Polartec® Windbloc® boulder fleece is incredibly functional while also being quite easy on the eyes.

haven polartec fleece jacket review

I’ll start by saying, I believe Haven’s original garments produced over the past 2 years are some of the more underrated technical apparel pieces on the market today. Their utilization and curation of functional materials leaves me in anticipation for each season’s release.

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