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Haven x Clarks Originals Weaver GTX Shoe

The solid momentum continues for Haven to finish out 2023 strong. Fresh off of their collaboration with norda™ launching the 003 just weeks ago, the team has now partnered with English brand Clarks to interpret the Weaver GTX in a way that only Haven can. Available at launch in two solid colors, black and white, both are adorned in a rough suede upper with a durable Vibram outsole. Additional technical details have been incorporated into the leather shoe to make each pair incrementally more rugged, weatherproof, and of course aesthetically pleasing which is exactly what you would expect from Havens positive influence.

The weaver silhouette was originally designed back in 1977 and closely resembled much of what you see today. The moccasin style shoe with a stitched upper that wraps around the entirety of the foot was a quick classic and one that is still heavily produced to meet demand. It's been gaining popularity as of late, quickly gaining traction on the iconic wallabee and desert boot. While available in both a classic and a boot version, the low cut style seems to suite the design best.

Haven x Clarks Originals Weaver GTX

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Haven x Clarks Originals Weaver GTX Details

The Haven Clarks Weaver GTX is unique in its material selection and form meets function approach. You may see a suede shoe and think that it is more delicate in nature, best suited for fair weather outings. The weaver GTX incorporates a layer of waterproof gore-tex (hence the GTX acronym) into the upper to keep your feet dry in less than desirable weather. This allows for a more full range shoe that is not limited to sunny days.

The main construction of the upper is made up of Charles F Stead Mohawk Suede, one of the most sought after leather houses in the world. The hand feel of this unique suede is said to be soft to the touch with quite a bit of rough and rugged natural texture. Along the heel collar is a more refined CF Stead Culatta full grain leather which makes way for added comfort and slight refinement.

A hybrid EVA crepe midsole keeps things lightweight and provides the classic Clarks aesthetics while a heavy duty Vibram outsole has been affixed beneath it. The Vibram 1220 lug outsole is finished in a complementary color for each moc, black pairs with the black suede shoe while a tan outsole can be seen along the bottom of the white moc.

Vibram is a household name in the functional footwear space so it should come as no surprise that this was a must have for a Haven collaboration. This outsole should afford you plenty of traction to handle any city terrain with the long life to keep these shoes usable for plenty of years. The versatility and wearability of these mocs make them a unique example of what is possible when two top tier brands come together to reimagine a classic.

The combination of the EVA crepe midsole, Vibram outsole, and the rough texture suede creates a unique overall composition and aesthetic that has me quite excited for this collaboration. The fully blacked out version screams utility in modern style while the lighter hued weaver has a hint of elegance to it. Both models hit it out of the park making for a touch decision when purchasing.

Finishing details consist of tonal woven flat laces that travel through four signature hex eyelets. On the inside are co-branded leather insoles in the same tonal colors as each shoe. All in all the subtle details of the Haven Clarks Weaver GTX amount to a rugged yet refined moccasin that successfully melds historic craftsmanship with new world functionality.

Haven x Clarks Originals Weaver GTX Functionality

With just about everything Haven touches, there is an elevation of functionality to make each product usable in everyday life. The Clarks Weaver GTX is certainly an ideal city dwelling shoe that is capable of being dressed up to be presentable at dinner while also successfully handling inclement weather that may overwhelm most suede alternatives.

The Vibram 1220 lug outsole is a serious piece of rubber that is capable of serving up plenty of grip when needed. Whether a cold frosty morning or a rainy slick evening, the large patterned lugs have plenty of depth to grab hold of the surface and keep you upright. The incorporation of a gore-tex layer attached to the suede upper ensures that your feet stay dry if you find yourself caught in a downpour. The Haven Clarks Weaver GTX might just be the perfectly refined moccasin that can serve dual duty to tackle everyday life with ease.

Haven x Clarks Originals Weaver GTX Release Info

The Haven Clarks Weaver GTX is releasing today at 9:00AM PST in-store and online at both Haven and Clarks. Priced a bit higher than your average pair of Clarks weavers at $260, I imagine this shoe will sell out rather quickly (especially if past releases are anything to go on). Time will tell if a greater rollout to additional stockists will take place, but as of now, this appears to be a Haven and Clarks exclusive.

Clarks Originals Background

The Originals extension of Clarks is responsible for producing the shoes that brought the brand to fame. This includes the Clarks wallabee, Clarks desert boot, and Clarks lugger boot amongst others. Truly some of the best silhouettes that the brand has to offer with refreshed colorways and material selections rotating in on a regular schedule. The intention of Clarks Originals is to highlight the craftsmanship of the origin icons while continuing to innovate and collaborate to keep them modern and relevant.

Clarks is a heritage brand that was founded back in 1825 in Somerset, England where you can still find the headquarters today. The brand has slowly grown over the past nearly 200 years to where it is today, 1,400+ stores sprawled across the globe. With some of the more comfortable, simple, and stylish leather shoes on the market today, I imagine the brand will continue to be around for many years to come.

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