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Review Summary

Reigning Champ has amassed a cult following for one reason - simple details. Taking a basic garment like a sweatshirt and elevating the design to a wardrobe staple that I greatly look forward to wearing each and every winter is no simple task. The overall tailored slim fit, functional comfort, and choice of materials make this hoodie an instant classic that is easy to dress up or down. The iconic midweight terry provides the perfect amount of warmth for mild to chilly days and comes in a range of colors to fit any style. While featuring a higher price tag than most, the quality of construction should offset any concern as this is one sweatshirt that will last you for years.

Review Ratings


  • Incredibly comfortable with a perfect midweight terry for mild winters
  • Athletic trim fit that is perfectly slim in all the right places
  • Constructed to be the last sweatshirt you’ll have to buy, although I can’t stop buying any new color that graces this silhouette
  • Unique seasonal color offerings that can be dressed up or down for most occasions
  • Flatlock seams, raglan sleeves, and cotton ribbing for ease of movement


  • Price point is on the high side for a hoodie sweatshirt
  • May be too slim fitting for some body types, however, classic and relaxed fit is now available

Reigning Champ Midweight Hoodie

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Review Details

Reigning Champ Hoodie Sizing

It wasn’t until recently that Reigning Champ ventured out to offer various fits across their product range. Being a long time enthusiast of their hoodie sweatshirts, I have fallen in love with the original athletic trim silhouette that fits my body perfectly. While a classic and relaxed fit is now available for purchase across many of their sweatshirt offerings, this hoodie review is specifically for their original slim fit. 

reigning champ hoodie review front

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to most that hoodie sweatshirts typically tend to be built more baggy and boxy. This approach certainly allows for a greater range of body types, however, it leaves all those looking for a more fitted sweatshirt out in the cold (no pun intended). I tend to wear slim fitting pants and bottoms that when paired with a baggy hoodie leave me looking like a Notre Dame linebacker. This is all completely avoided with the styles offered by Reigning Champ.

You may be wondering, exactly how is the fit different from your run of the mill hoodie? The short answer is - totally different. I’ll start with my general body type to provide context for this Reigning Champ hoodie review. I am 5’ 11” weighing anywhere from 170-175 pounds with a 32”-33” waist (depends on the season and how good the nearby pizza is). I don’t necessarily have an athletic build and would say if you saw me walking down the street, you’d classify me as pretty dang average. All that being said, I wear a size large across the board in just about every brand. 

With that out of the way, I would say that Reigning Champ fits true to size with one caveat - it’s slim. If slim makes you uncomfortable or brings about claustrophobic feelings, then sizing up may be recommended. This slim fit carries through in all the right places starting with the torso. A more form fitting body hugs the hips all the way up to the armpits with side ribbing running the full distance allowing for more freedom of movement. The length is just right, falling right below the waist line with enough material to allow for bending and sitting without exposing your back.

The sleeves too are rather narrow and perfectly accentuate an average build, however, these may prove too tight if you’re a heavy weight lifter with larger biceps. I cycle and run with little to no weight lifting and the sleeves feel perfect. Sleeve length seemed to be dialed in for my average build as there is just the right amount of material stacking on the wrist. The cuffs that wrap snugly around each wrist are tight, making it easy to place your hands in the center pocket without much movement or snagging from the sleeves. The one potential downside with this form factor is the inability to push the sleeves up your arm if you are trying to cool down. I’d say this is a minor trade off for an overall better fit.

One of my favorite and often overlooked details when it comes to fit of the Reigning Champ hoodie is the slightly gusseted/ribbed armpits that truly extend up to where the armpit is located. I’m not a fan of billowy wingsuit style sweatshirts that tend to look a little loose and baggy under the arms when horizontal. The Reigning Champ hoodie follows your body lines closely for a refined, mature, and certainly more comfortable sweatshirt. 

One place that does have a bit more looseness in the design is the somewhat oversized hood. I wouldn’t classify it as baggy, but when placed over the head, it does have a more wide and free feel to it that provides a great deal of comfort. The hood is then easily cinched tight with the use of the either white or color matched drawstrings around the neck.

reigning champ hoodie reivew side

Overall, the Reigning Champ hoodie fits like no other I have come across in the price range. While it might not be for everyone, it is absolutely the best fitting and most stylish hoodie on the market when seeking a slim fitting way to stay warm all winter.

Reigning Champ Hoodie Construction

The construction of each Reigning Champ hoodie is truly where the magic happens, and unfortunately you have to pay for this magic. As mentioned from the beginning, the simple details that are incorporated into each garment is undoubtedly what makes the brand so special. These details include flatlock seams for durability and comfort, semi raglan sleeves for movability, cotton ribbing along the torso, sleeves, hood, and front pocket for structure and flex, color matched drawcords, and of course the most premium french terry that is terrific to the touch (say that three times fast).

Your average hoodie typically consists of fleece or polyester which gives it a smooth, lightweight, and sometimes scratchy feeling. The 100% cotton french terry used in all light and midweight Reigning Champ hoodies is instantly recognizable by the super soft knit loops you’ll find on the inside of each sweatshirt. These knit loops have a texture and weight to them that provide instant comfort and warmth that make it difficult to go back to anything else. 

The color matched ribbing incorporated into the sides of the torso, sleeve cuffs, inner hood, and front pocket are functional details that make a world of difference. The sole purpose of this ribbing is to provide flex for ease of movement while still maintaining the overall shape. You’ll notice that while twisting and turning while wearing this hoodie, the side ribbing will provide a bit of give without punishing you with permanent stretch. The same is true for the sleeves and hand warming pocket. The entire hood is lined with this ribbing which when worn is incredibly comfortable and soft.

Flatlock seams can be seen all along the outside of each Reigning Champ hoodie which in my opinion serve as both form and function. Functionally, flatlock seams ensure durability and consistency in joining all material together securely. Also, as the name would suggest, all seams are flat. This avoids the traditional pinch and sew seams along the inside of the garment which can sometimes rub, irritate, or even come loose over time. From a form factor, I quite like the over engineered look of each seam overlapping and then reinforced by many various stitches. 

reigning champ hoodie review sweatshirt

I can confidently say, of all the Reigning Champ hoodies that I’ve owned, I can’t recall a loose thread or defect that has plagued even one sweatshirt. The quality control process is unprecedented and is something I have come to expect and love about Reigning Champ. The built to last construction will give you peace of mind to make this hoodie your solid go to for many years to come.

Reigning Champ Hoodie Style

Are premium basics ever out of style? Reigning Champ built their brand on perfecting every aspect of casual and comfortable outerwear that can easily be dressed up or down. Pairing their hoodie with a nice pair of pants is a simple go to for a casual night out. If you’re feeling more in the mood for lounging on a brisk winter day, their sweatpants are the perfect pairing. I typically find myself bouncing between a raw pair of denim jeans or a nice pair of joggers (IE: John Elliott Himalayan pants) when I’m looking to stay warm in style.

reigning champ hoodie sweatshirt review

One of the big selling points for me is the super subtle and consistent branding that Reigning Champ incorporates into each and every hoodie. If you’re a fan of the brand, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The small sewn-on logo adorning the left hip seam is the only evidence present on the outside of the garment to indicate the brand. There’s no overly obnoxious print scrawled across the chest, just a minor 1x1 inch white logo tag tastefully attached to the lower ribbing. For this reason, I feel compelled to wear 

Because the Reigning Champ hoodie features ribbing in all the right locations, this sweatshirt does an amazing job of maintaining its intended and desirable shape. Nothing is worse than a saggy neckline or stretched out sleeve cuffs with an otherwise properly fitted outfit. The cotton ribbing stretches with your movements and then retracts back to maintain its silhouette. Reigning Champ used to only offer this hoodie in a core set of basic colors that closely aligns with anyones overall clothing palette - black, gray, and navy. This has changed recently with more colors in stock throughout the year as the brand seeks continued growth (seems to be the result of the recent sale to Aritzia, more on this another time).

Reigning Champ Hoodie Value

This is where arguably Reigning Champ does fall short depending on how you weigh and assess value. I will not argue that $150 for a Reigning Champ hoodie is on the steep side, however, all factors need to be considered to determine the true value before shying away. This is one of those purchases where quality plays a major factor as the usable life of this sweatshirt is significantly longer than many of the other offerings available today. I purchased my first Reigning Champ hoodie back in 2015 and still wear it to this day, 7 years later. Over the span of that time, the shape still holds true and if anything, the overall comfort has only increased. 

This might be one of those one and done types of purchases if you're more of a utilitarian minimal person. You can rest assured that if you purchase a Reigning Champ hoodie, you’ll have a sweatshirt that will stand the test of time and hold up to the elements, not to mention many rounds of washing. If you’re like me, however, purchasing a Reigning Champ hoodie will turn into an addiction that is reminiscent of a Pokemon game, I gotta catch ‘em all. The core hoodie colors of black, gray, and navy are always available for purchase, but the fun starts with each seasonal colorway that if not purchased in a timely manner, will evade you for the rest of time. I’m talking about silt, dusk, moss, sage, crimson, forest green, the list of unique shades and hues goes on.

I don’t think twice when hitting that checkout button and parting ways with my dollars each season knowing that I’m purchasing a quality garment that will give me many years of wear. The Reigning Champ hoodie has truly become a staple in my closet that leaves me longing for the late fall and winter months to arrive each year.

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