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The kings of cozy, Reigning Champ have been producing their signature sweatpants essentially since their inception in 2007. The original midweight terry in a slim cut is probably one of the best basics available today both for lounging around the house or for running a few quick weekend errands. The nicely tailored fit avoids the traditional baggy sweatpant style while also providing a huge amount of snug comfort. The cotton terry that Reigning Champ employs is noticeably more pleasant to the touch than the acrylic, polyester, or rougher cotton found in the construction of the majority of everyday sweatpants. As a treat, the midweight cotton only gets softer and more enjoyable with break-in and time.

Are Reigning Champ sweatpants worth it? Undoubtedly yes. The overkill flatlock seams used to secure all elements of the sweats are proven to stand the test of time. The premium rib waistband, cuffs, and gusset provide a decent amount of flexibility and stretch for freedom of movement, yet also properly retract to retain their shape. If you determine that the slim fit is not right for you, there’s a classic and relaxed option to suit your style. A vast range of colors are always available to choose from with new seasonal more limited offerings being introduced on a regular cadence. Priced at $125, it’ll be difficult to find a comparable pair that matches the comfort, fit, and longevity of these Canadian made staples.

Review Ratings


  • Super cozy midweight terry cotton is about as comfortable as it gets 
  • 10+ colors to choose from with new seasonal offerings regularly becoming available
  • The slim cut fits nicely without being overly constrictive
  • Canadian made durability with flatlock seams allows these sweatpants to last wear after wear and wash after wash


  • At $125 per pair, these aren’t the cheapest sweatpants money can buy
  • Lower cuffs could be just a bit tighter to more firmly hug the ankles

Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpants

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Review Details

Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpants Sizing

Aside from the unprecedented quality, the Reigning Champ fit is what has made me a long time loyal fan. It’s not rocket science to take something as simple as a pair of sweatpants and elevate the material and sizing, yet that is exactly what Reigning Champ has successfully built their strong brand upon over the past 15+ years. Simply being the best at basics. Of the three cuts that Reigning Champ offers, I’m most partial to the slim athletic fit which I’m referencing in this article (as opposed to the casual or relaxed options). A quick bit about me, I stand at 5’11” and currently weigh 170 pounds with a somewhat athletic build. I regularly wear a size 31-32 in denim and a size large in shirting and outerwear. All items I’ve purchased over the years from Reigning Champ are a size large, thus, I did not stray when ordering the midweight slim sweatpants. 

There’s a fine line between stylishly slim fitting and overly constricting. When it comes to sweatpants, the name of the game is max comfort with minimal sloppiness. The balance that Reigning Champ has struck here is nothing short of perfect. Upon trying on the size large, I was immediately met with a stretchy waistband that hugged the hips nicely without the need for the included cinch cords. The large did not leave me feeling squeezed whatsoever and the amount of stretch needed to keep them secure was minimal to none. I imagine I could easily fit into a medium, yet I would sacrifice a bit of constraint at the waist if doing so. 

The overall length and inseam of the sweatpants worked quite well with my height. There are a few subtle stacks that form at the ankles when standing which help avoid the highwater rise when seated. Because of the overall slimmer fit, these stacks don’t bring about a sloppy look by any means. The elastic cuffs are a bit looser than I would normally prefer and don’t necessarily hug the ankle. I generally like a snug fit at the bottom and unfortunately I can fit about 2 fingers between my ankle and the cuff. After a few hot washes, this problem was mostly solved.

The cut all throughout the legs is slim and tapered, but far from skin tight. My wonderful skinny jean days actually brought about significantly more narrowness than these slim sweatpants. To be fair, my legs are a bit on the smaller side as I am a regular distance runner and cyclist, so take my anecdotes with a grain of salt. If you’re a bit more muscular, you may find the slimness to be a little more form fitting. The front rise is pretty standard in length and features a flat fit with a gusset in the crotch area. This added ribbed fabric allows for more freedom of movement when performing any type of activity.

Whether bending, sitting or stretching, the Reigning Champ slim sweatpants pose no concerns of restraint, friction, or limited mobility. After some washing and drying, the cotton has retracted just a bit, however, the comfort in the waist and legs has not faltered. I do think that I’m on the cusp between a size large and a medium, and may try out a medium in the near future just to have a definitive answer. I’d say if you’re around my size and want an even slimmer fit, the medium may be the right choice for you. That being said, I’m certain the comfort the large has provided me will be tough to beat.

Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpants Construction

Signature made in Canada Reigning Champ construction is on full display with the midweight slim fit sweatpants. If you’re a fan of the brand, you’ll notice many of the same construction cues that you’re used to from the hoodies or tees can also be found on the sweatpants. Focusing first on the comfort, there are flatlock seams used throughout the making of these pants which offer many positive benefits. As the name would suggest, flatlock seams law flat along the inside of the garment making them much less bulky than other seam types. This results in less chafing during activity as the seams aren’t protruding inward like you’ll find on many of your everyday garments. Flatlock seams are also highly durable allowing them to withstand all types of stretching and movement without any amount of compromise.

Super soft ribbed cotton has been used at all of the friction points including the waistband and ankle cuffs. Given the midweight material, the ribbed sections have a nicely structured double layer construction that expands and contracts with consistency. The waist seemingly expands by about 3 inches while the ankles can expand by about an inch if need be. I’ve yet to experience any issue with elastic fatigue and as you would imagine, things firm up a bit after each wash and dry. There is a white, flat, woven drawstring that runs along the inside of the waist and dangles down the front of the sweatpants which for me is more aesthetic than functional. If you prefer your sizing a bit larger, then you may need to utilize the drawstring to cinch up the waist, otherwise, it’s a nice added design detail.

A ribbed gusset similar to the cuff and waistband material has been integrated into the crotch region which provides additional stretch. I doubt many are doing the splits, however, this is useful if you do any type morning or pre activity floor stretching and/or yoga. This material is not noticeable when wearing and is just one more added detail displaying Reigning Champs mastery.

There are three pockets in the standard places that you would expect. Two slant hand pockets can be found on the sides with one rear patch pocket on the back right. The hand pockets are pretty awesome as they’re lined with the iconic Reigning Champ jersey material which is always a pleasure to the touch. They’re also more on the spacious side which helps provide plenty of room for belongings while also securing them while sitting. The back pocket is only noticeable due to the flatlock seams that secure it. I don’t use this one much, but it would certainly come in handy for a wallet or any other thin item you intend to carry.

The overall cut is tapered all the way down from the thigh to the ankle. In no place are the sweatpants hugging any part of my leg, but the lines do follow the natural contour of the body. The midweight terry cotton is by far my favorite cozy material from the brand (or any brand for that matter). It’s super soft and quite durable allowing for many many years of repeated use. Having owned 10+ Reigning Champ midweight sweatshirts (both hooded and pullover) and 3 pairs of midweight sweatpants since 2015, I’ve not yet once had any construction issues on a single item.

Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpants Style

When it comes to basics, especially sweatpants, there’s not a ton of drastic variation in style. I’m not the biggest fan of sweatpants in public, that is unless it’s for travel or a quick errand, so my honest take here is more based on comparing brand to brand. Being a slim fitting sweatpant automatically makes it more stylish than about 90% of other options currently available. The fact that the branding is rather limited with only a small square Reigning Champ crest logo adorning the left outer thigh is also a major plus. Really the only other stylistic detail is the contrasting white drawstring that drapes down the front which I’m a fan of.

The Reigning Champ slim sweatpants fall right in the center of the spectrum of ‘do not wear outside unless cruising the isles of Walmart’ and ‘looks like you rolled out of bed, put on a nice shirt, did your hair, picked out some good sneakers, and went to brunch. The former would be your everyday baggy Champion sweats or something of the like. The latter would be John Elliott Escobar sweatpants which are perfectly tailored and well suited to complement everyday wear. Reigning Champ slots right in the middle where they can easily be worn somewhere quick and casual, but probably should not be worn when seeking to impress. I tend to get the most use out of my pairs between lounging around the house, any type of road trip or air travel, and early morning coffee runs in the cold. Outside of that, I don’t consider the Reigning Champ sweatpants to be the most stylish option in my closet.

Reigning Champ Slim Sweatpants Value

At a price point of $125 per pair, these aren’t the cheapest on the market, however, they are on par with similar brand offerings. Gramicci has a more classic sweatpant for $120 while John Elliott has the Escobar and LA sweatpants priced at $268 and $198 respectively. Aime Leon Dore’s logo sweatpants come in right at $185 when purchased at full retail. While some of these other brands feature more design elements such as the inclusion of RIRI zippers, embroidered logos, screen printing, and additional tapering, none of them are quite as cozy as the classic and iconic Reigning Champ midweight terry cotton.

People often ask whether Reigning Champ is worth the price. Without missing a beat, the answer is yes. This is one brand that I strongly reiterate my recommendation for as they truly check all the boxes with each and every item. Sure, you can buy a pair of sweats from a big box department store which will certainly keep you warm for a fraction of the cost. However, if you value the weighty tactile satisfaction of premium terry, then Reigning Champ is super tough to beat. The Canadian made construction quality is unparalleled, the comfort is cozy at its finest, the minimal branding is incredibly welcomed, and the elevated fit leaves little to be desired. If you’re in the market for a well fitting long lasting pair of sweatpants, I can’t imagine anyone will be dissatisfied with the Reigning Champ midweight offering.

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