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Haven x norda™ 003 Shoe

When two top tier Canadian brands, both with a focus on function, get together to iterate on footwear, you can be sure that the result is nothing short of awesome. Haven, the renowned mens clothing curators have teamed up with norda™ to create the next silhouette in the quickly rising shoe brands lineup, the norda™ 003. This laceless slip on is a first for norda™ and is feature packed with technical materials, full range of function, and incredible durability.

The 003 model shoe has been meticulously designed to seamlessly transition between running, hiking and everyday activity with zero sacrifice in any of these disciplines. It builds upon the previously released 001 and 002 models and is adorned with many of the same technical elements that have brought about praise to the brand.

Derived from the surrounding landscape of Vancouver Canada, the muted color palette of the Haven x norda™ 003 is inspired by the mountainous surroundings on the peripheral of the city while also incorporating elements of the concrete urban environment. A thick speckled midsole and hi vis reflective accents define this collaboration in what can only be described as a perfect introduction to the new silhouette.

Haven x norda™ 003 G+ Quarry

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Haven x norda™ 003 Shoe Details

The Haven x norda™ 003 is comprised of some of the most functional materials allowing for maximum comfort and extreme durability. The upper is constructed from bio-dyneema®, the worlds strongest fiber sourced in a sustainable manner. Bio-dyneema features the same properties as regular dyneema®, that is to say it's 15 times stronger than steel at the same weight. It's also incredibly tear, penetration, and abrasion resistant making it perfect for all types of high contact outdoor activity. As a cherry on top, this unique material boasts a high degree of chemical and UV protection allowing it to withstand the harsh sun's rays and any contaminant that may come in contact with it.

norda™ successfully took the bio-dyneema® material one step further by elasticizing it. This makes the upper slightly stretchy for ease of install while also holding its shape over time and never fatiguing. This laceless system successfully hugs the bridge of the foot keeping it planted in comfort. An additional technical layer known as a G+ membrane (graphene plus) is laminated directly to the upper dyneema® fabric allowing for thermoregulation and weather/water resistance, all while staying highly breathable.

Vibram® was called upon to supply the proprietary and exclusive midsole and outsole for the 003. The midsole is said to produce decent cushioning for responsive maneuvering while the soleplate is a blend of Litebase® and Megagrip® rubber for durability and superior traction. eTPU polyurethane insoles round out the underfoot construction and provide energy efficiency and superior comfort.

003 has been outfitted with a padded heel collar which helps lock in the foot for spirited running over any terrain. The extra cushioning should also aid in avoiding unwanted rub along the back of the achilles which is never welcomed. A reverse heel tab features the norda™ crest logo and on the other side is a loop that can either be used to help pull the shoe on or to clip the pair to a pack.

Aesthetically, the Haven x norda™ 003 might be one of the more visually pleasing collaborations thus far. The hi vis reflective elements are a nice touch and the speckled midsole is instantly recognizable. The bio-dyneema® black upper has a subtle grid pattern that is a nice detail really only noticeable when inspecting closely. All in all, the initial intel and styling of the Haven x norda™ 003 seems very promising, increasing excitement for a full on foot review.

Haven x norda™ 003 Shoe Functionality

norda™ specializes in creating uncompromising trail running shoes capable of handling endurance distances over treacherous terrain. The two founders aimed to construct the best shoe they possibly could with price being less of a factor in the decision making process. What this approach ultimately results in is a shoe that excels in all facets.

The 003 variant is capable of handling all conditions for any duration of time. The water resistant exterior combats the elements and the Vibram outsole ® with 5mm lugs has enough traction to tackle various slick rocky surfaces. The overall weight of the 003 clocks in at 9.7 ounces for a mens size 8.5 This isn't the lightest trail shoe by any means, especially in comparison to some of the Arc'teryx, Salomon, and Hoka offerings which can weigh as little as 6.4 ounces. I'll be interested to see how this translates on foot during more inclined hikes. A 26mm stack height should help soften the stride for extended comfort while the 5mm drop will propel you forward with each strike.

I plan to give this shoe a shot and put it through the paces for a full and thorough review in the near future. Worst case scenario, I'll end up with a decent looking trail shoe that I certainly won't mind wearing on a regular basis around town.

Haven x norda™ 003 Shoe Release Info

003 is releasing today at both Haven and norda™ with a wider rollout to select stockists expected in the coming days. The Haven x norda™ 003 is priced at $325 and as with most of the Haven collaborations, these aren't expected to last long. When ordering, norda™ recommends going a 1/2 size larger than your regular fit. You can purchase the Haven x norda™ 003 below.

norda™ Background

A newer entrant to the footwear vertical founded in 2020, norda™ is an outdoor endurance shoe brand that holds true to the Canadian manufacturing philosophy of ultra high quality construction, unique design, and functional materials built to withstand extreme environments. The 2 person founding team consisting of husband and wife Nick and Willa Martire, set out to build the end all be all luxury version of a trail running shoe. The result, success.

Since launching the 001 in August of 2021, norda™ has gone on to produce collaborations with brands like Reigning Champ, Satisfy, and Ciele amongst others. The extreme performance, ultra comfort, superior function, and overall high accolades of 001 led to the next chapter, 002. A lower stack height and more responsive shoe that is capable of demolishing technical terrain. With the introduction of 003, I can honestly say that norda™ has now peaked my interest. Certainly having momentum on their side, I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of norda™ for many years to come.

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