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Review Summary

Easily my number 1 go to pair of shorts all summer long for casual outings day or night. The John Elliott Himalayan shorts do an excellent job of marrying comfort and style with a refined sporty look suitable for many occasions. The custom cotton and nylon blend is what gives these shorts their life, greatly elevating what would otherwise appear as a somewhat standard pair of athletic shorts. The 5” inseam provides a unique look with the hem laying around mid thigh. While this fit may not be desired by everyone, it is the best pair of shorts I’ve found if you’re seeking a sporty aesthetic that is both comfortable and versatile. 

The subtle texture and matte sheen on the exterior of the Himalayan shorts make them distinctly awesome. Pair this with the simple and clean silhouette that hides pockets in the side seams and includes a back pocket for extra storage, and you have yourself a pair of shorts capable of handling any summer outing. I'm particularly fond of the sage color as it’s more unconventional on a short of this style, yet complements any neutral top very well. All in all, the Himalayan shorts have become a staple of my summer wardrobe with no signs of retreat. 

Review Ratings


  • Proper length that falls a good deal above the knee for a sporty summer look
  • Really nice and comfortable lightweight material that features a matte sheen finish 
  • Clearly distinguishable from typical nylon shorts with a subtle crinkly texture and upscaled aesthetic
  • Drawstrings provide a nice accent that can either be worn showing or tucked in
  • Back right rear pocket is a nice addition for holding your wallet or other small items


  • Moderately high price for simple cotton-nylon blend shorts, but not unusual for John Elliott style and quality
  • Length may be on the shorter side for some with an inseam measuring 5.1” on a size 3-large

John Elliott Himalayan Shorts


Review Details

John Elliott Himalayan Shorts Sizing

When it comes to John Elliott sizing, I still struggle to land on a consistent numeric value that suits me across the board. Due to the variance in styles of similar pieces (IE: relaxed, regular, or slim fit), a size 3-large may or may not fit how I intend. Having owned various pairs of the John Elliott Himalayan pants in a size 2-medium (I quite prefer the slimmer leg and thigh), I was inclined to order the same in the shorts. However, before purchasing, I did some due diligence and thoroughly reviewed the measurement chart revealing that a size 3-large may be best. 

john elliott himalayan shorts review

Generally speaking, I don’t require my shorts to be as fitted as my pants. With such a short inseam on the Himalayan shorts, I thought it best to size up for a roomy hem and more relaxed waist. My general build can be classified as average to athletic at 5’11” and 170 pounds. I wear a size 32 in denim and have found that the Himalayan pants fit significantly better in a 2-medium (for a slimmer thigh and leg), yet the shorts are more comfortably my style in a 3-large.

The Himalayan shorts are built with a relaxed fit in mind which should not be confused with baggy. Whenever I hear the term ‘relaxed’ as it relates to sizing, my mind instantly jumps to oversized. That could not be further from the truth with these shorts. The 5” inseam paired with the slightly wide hem give these shorts an athletic yet casual look that won’t be confused with your run of the mill track shorts. If you are used to the John Elliott game shorts, you will want to confirm that this shorter inseam will work with your style as they do hit significantly above the knee, roughly around mid thigh.

The elastic waist in a size 3-large translates nicely on a size 32 with little to no stretch. While the Himalayan shorts can stretch up to 3 inches, I opted for a more natural fit and was pleased with the proportions overall. There is an incorporated cinch drawstring that runs around the inside of the waist that can be used for additional tightening or security if need be, however, I did not find it necessary. If you prefer a more fitted short, you may opt to size down as the 2-medium should still fit with a bit more tightness in the waist (this is my preference for the Himalayan pants).  

John Elliott Himalayan Shorts Construction

I’ve owned quite a selection of John Elliott pieces including their fleece jackets, pants, and shirts. Up until this point, I have not had any issues when it comes to quality of construction. As mentioned earlier, the materials used throughout the Himalayan shorts are what really won me over. Having worn these shorts for a full summer, the fabric has retained its color and texture while the elastic waist has remained as snug as day 1. I think opting for a more natural waist fit will help prolong the elastic lifespan whereas sizing down may put more strain on the stretch, although I can’t confirm.

The Himalayan shorts are roomy and airy with the pockets being plenty large enough to hold your belongings. Seams around all 3 pockets are showing no signs of wear from casual use which is always a plus in my book. Being a nylon blend, they do tend to fend off stains rather well which has been a blessing. That being said, I’ve run these shorts through the wash on a near weekly basis, always hang drying, and have not noticed any accelerated wear as a result. While I believe the true test of durability will come with each passing summer, I can confidently say that as of right now, I have zero concerns pertaining to longevity.

John Elliott Himalayan Shorts Style

Quite possibly my favorite thing about these shorts is the style. From the material selection to the cut and proportions, John Elliott really nailed it. This was the first pair of shorts that I purchased from John Elliott, and naturally I went with the sage and black offerings to complement the rest of my utilitarian toned closet. The overall silhouette of these shorts is simple, clean, and very well fitting. 

john elliott himalayan shorts review sage front

The sage color is a nice change of pace from a typical green or olive (although I would absolutely love a pair of these shorts in olive). It's muted in a good way, and works so well when worn with other washed out colors like a faded black or cream. I’d argue that the sage color also punches these shorts up a bit as you don’t typically see a washed out green pair of athletic shorts. The black color is similar in that there is a hint of matte to them, yet not necessarily fully flat. There’s an ever so slight sheen on each pair which you’d typically see in a full nylon short.

I always fear that I run the risk of looking like I just got off the couch or left the gym when wearing nylon shorts. I can assure you that the Himalayan shorts will not be mistaken for your average pair of running shorts. The slightly textured cotton nylon blend material provides a subtle crinkly appearance without looking wrinkly, if that makes sense. This differs from average nylon shorts that are sleek and fall straight at all times. The lightweight nature of these shorts allows them to hold their shape and not completely billow in the wind like you might expect from the John Elliott practice or game shorts. 

The wide hem leg opening makes way for ease of movement and quite honestly, extra cooling on those hot summer days. John Elliott has also included a black cotton cinch drawstring around the waist that is frayed on the ends, reminiscent of an old school shoelace. This has been placed on the inside of the shorts and is easy to keep out of view or be worn dangling down the front as an extra accent.

john elliott himalayan shorts review sage back

Side pockets are inconspicuously integrated into the side seam which is a nice touch for keeping the front design simple. You’ll also find another pocket on the back right that is perfect for housing a wallet or any other small item. All in all, the exterior of the Himalayan shorts are clean, crisp, and understated making them very versatile throughout the summer months.

I find myself wearing these shorts more than any other in my current rotation. They pair so easily with a nice t-shirt and the top heavy asymmetry of wearing shorter shorts with a crewneck or hoodie is always a classic look. With the continued use I’ve gotten from these shorts, I’m strongly contemplating picking up the beige pair to complete the collection.

John Elliott Himalayan Shorts Value

This may be an echo you’re used to hearing in many of our John Elliott reviews, but value is not typically synonymous with the brand. This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with John Elliott, a moderately upscale brand that has been elevating streetwear for a while now, and quite successfully. That being said, the price for the Himalayan shorts is steep. At $198 per pair, you're paying over half the price of the pants, with arguably less than half the amount of the material. I know this isn’t how pricing works, but it’s tough not to make the connection. I feel these shorts would be more appropriately priced around the $150 mark, but I digress.

As the saying goes, you have to pay to play. The uniqueness of materials used in the John Elliott Himalayan shorts were incomparable to other brands which meant I needed to pony up the cash. The near daily use that I have put these shorts through all summer long have helped justify the cost and I certainly see many more summers of use on the horizon. If you’re seeking value, John Elliott may be quite a bit lower on your list of places to shop. If you’re seeking unmatched style with ease and comfort, I’d highly recommend picking up a set or two of the Himalayan shorts.

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