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A brand that needs no introduction. Founded in 1964 under the name Blue Ribbon Sports by legends Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, the company was later rebranded to Nike in 1971 before going public in 1980. Certainly a pinnacle in the athletic shoe industry, largely in part to the highly successful Jordan brand deal which was formed in 1984. This single endorsement helped rocket ship Nike into the international staple that it is now known as today.

Years later, the brand continues to innovate across product lines and sports with some of the best functional footwear on the market. From endurance running shoes worn by some of the fastest marathon athletes to every type of ball sport shoe imaginable, Nike has refined their approach to prioritize performance. Cutting edge material science has led to some of the more interesting silhouettes including the various flyknit and atomknit iterations as well as the incorporation of carbon fiber for energy conservation and rebound. While the brand has been around for nearly 60 years, I’m sure the best is still yet to come.


Beaverton, OR


Athletic Wear


2 Articles
2 Articles
nike air zoom alphafly 1 next% review

For endurance runners, more and more quick and efficient shoe options are hitting the market from all of the top brands. One of the groundbreakers, the Nike Alphafly 1 Next%, released in 2020 after the prototype aided Kipchoge to a sub two hour marathon in 2019.

nike acronym vapormax moc 2 review

Sneaker collaborations come and go over the years with many seeming to serve the purpose of creating artificial exclusivity. Rarely does one come along that truly demonstrates the authentic style of the collaborating brand

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