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Review Summary

Sneaker collaborations come and go over the years with many seeming to serve the purpose of creating artificial exclusivity. Rarely does one come along that truly demonstrates the authentic style of the collaborating brand in a way that actually enhances the aesthetics of the sneaker. When the highly praised technical outerwear company Acronym teamed up with Nike to interpret the Vapormax Moc, the output was nothing short of incredible. 

From top to bottom, the Acronym Nike Vapormax Moc is a visually stimulating and unorthodox shoe that invites you to discover layers of detail from every angle. The black and white techwear inspired herringbone pattern printed onto the flyknit upper was one of the more unique and interesting approaches at that time. The bubbly sole filled with air consisted of a white rear and clear front just under the ball of the feet. This two tone approach added a contrast that gave the illusion as if the toe section was floating.

With reliance on monotone colors used throughout the silhouette, it only made sense to break things up with a neon yellow elastic band in place of the shoelaces. This loud pop adorning both the back of the heel as well as the lower part of the tongue are exactly what is called for in order to bring this shoe to life. The unconventional nature of this shoe has made it one that I enjoy adding to my rotation every so often. With some exclusivity and price appreciation over the years, this shoe will certainly be one that continues to turn a couple heads and receive a great amount of attention.

Review Ratings


  • Acronym signature style clearly carried over to a unique Nike silhouette
  • Surprisingly easy to pull on and off while staying secure during moderate activities
  • Incredible amount of detail that can be found both inside and out
  • Flyknit upper and air sole result in a very lightweight and comfortable shoe


  • Heel support on the Vapormax Moc is not the greatest
  • Somewhat difficult to keep the white sole clean with regular wear
  • Arch support feels slightly strange at first with a slight bulge along the outside of the midfoot
  • Would not recommend for running, but I doubt that is the intended purpose for these specific shoes

Nike x Acronym Vapormax Moc

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Review Details

Nike x Acronym Vapormax Moc Sizing

Like much of the Nike flyknit line, these shoes tend to fit very true to size with a somewhat narrow appearance. I wear a size 10.5 across the board in Nike and these shoes fit perfectly without issue. With the omission of laces, I was somewhat skeptical about how these mocs would both slide on and stay on. Surprisingly, the neon yellow elastic strap securing the tongue in place has plenty of give to make pulling these mocs onto the foot quite simple. The same is true when removing. This process is significantly easier than some of the high end Nike running shoes like the Alphafly 2. During casual city excursion, the shoe fits snug and secure without any concern of movement or slippage. 

Nike x Acronym Vapormax Moc top
courtesy of © Les 83 Machines

As with other Vapormax shoes, I do feel that the insole is shaped slightly strange, as in, unique to the Vapormax. This is immediately apparent once you stand in the shoe as you can feel a slight arch towards the outside of the midfoot. It’s not uncomfortable, but it is apparent. Once I take a few steps in the shoe, it seems to diminish and be unnoticeable, but it’s something that catches my attention with each wear. I’ve never experienced any kind of unwanted foot pain from this insole, however, that could change with prolonged wear or running.

With air beneath your foot, the question may arise around the support that the Vapormax offers. Surprisingly, the outsole is rather firm in comparison to its foam counterparts. You can feel a slight shifting of air as your foot rocks back and forth with each step, however, the thick rubber bubbles offer a great deal of sturdiness and confidence. There is not a ton of side to side squishiness as you might find on a high stack height soft foam shoe which is a plus for everyday wear. 

The ankle support on the Nike Vapormax moc is designed to hug the back of the achilles tendon with a structured cup for the heel to fall into place. This section of the shoe is a bit more rigid which did cause some friction on the back of my tendon and ultimately a small blister. This slowly wore in with time, but was definitely unpleasant initially. The molded heel cup does a decent job of keeping the heel planted, however, there is a bit of movement with quicker activity. I’d say that all in all, the fit of the Nike Vapormax is very much on par with other Nike offerings while also having the comfort to withstand moderate activities. 

Nike x Acronym Vapormax Moc Construction

The one shoe that really kicked off an obsession for me was the Nike flyknit racer. Flyknit technology and construction was unprecedented at the time with the general profile of the shoe screaming simple lightweight function. After amassing a collection of roughly 20 pairs of flyknit racers, I was very pleased to see the technology carry over to new models in the Nike lineup. Pairing the flyknit upper with the front to back air sole on the Vapormax was an instant obsession for me. 

There’s a distinct feeling on foot that comes from the incredibly lightweight and form fitting flyknit weave. It essentially hugs the contours of your feet in what feels like a perfect mold made for each individual. While on the surface this may appear like a delicate interwoven system of fibers, it’s actually quite durable construction. I’ve yet to have any of my flyknit pairs breakdown or degrade over time as a result of regular wear. I could see a case where this may eventually happen after hundreds of miles of use or hard athletic scenarios, however, you’re unlikely to have any issue with flyknit longevity,

Nike x Acronym Vapormax Moc bottom
courtesy of © Les 83 Machines

Another area of durability that often comes into question is the individual air pockets scattered along the bottom of the shoe. These to give off what would seem like a delicate piece of engineering. One pop and the whole shoe would essentially become useless. Once you experience the air pockets first hand, you can quickly feel that the thick rubber bubbles are actually impenetrable to the elements even under hard load. They are rather firm and robust with an extra added layer of knobby rubber serving as traction. After years of wear, I have yet to have a bubble deflate on me from foreign object puncture or overall usage.

Shoelaces are trusty. They hardly ever wear out while continuing to provide the same expected hold time and time again. With elastic, you always run the risk of fatigue resulting in a less than desirable stretch and contraction. Relying on the large neon yellow elastic strap sprawling across the tongue to keep your foot in place can be a cause for concern. With the Acronym Nike Vapormax I’ve had zero issues with loosening of the hold across the bridge of the foot. They continue to squeeze like an anaconda, unlike your worn out high school gym shorts. 

Some of the final construction details found on the Acronym Nike Vapormax can be seen towards the front and the rear. The toe box is supported by a thin translucent strip of black rubber along the bottom front portion of the shoe. I imagine this is intended to add a bit of durability to the flyknit in an area that can regularly impact objects while also helping keep shape. Towards the rear, there is some additional material that forms the heel cup which helps lock in the foot. While also serving as a stylistic detail, this added rigidity form fits around the achilles to add overall comfort.

The tongue and opening of the shoe is made up of a softer material that plays nice on the skin. People who like to wear ankle socks need not worry. It’s got some minor stretch to it and enough flex to not cause any chaffing or discomfort (except for the initial stiffness near the achilles). After 5 years of ownership, I’d say the construction of the Acronym Nike Vapormax has remained impressive without once faltering. 

Nike x Acronym Vapormax Moc Style

Opting to remove functional shoelaces is always a bold move. Replacing the shoelaces with a bright neon yellow elastic strap, even more bold. It’s safe to say, a cumulation of bold decisions are exactly what define this shoe. Starting with the flyknit upper adorned in a black and white futuristic herringbone arrow pattern. This grainy, glitchy, and staticy print laid upon the durable and distinguishable flyknit technology make it truly one of a kind. You’ll find an Acronym logo strewn across the side of the shoe beneath the ankle as well as coming up the back of the shoe in a more abstract view.

The idea of a moccasin style shoe can catch some people off guard as it bucks the trend of well established shoelaces. Some believe this style of shoe should only be reserved for kindergartners who have not yet mastered the art of tying bunny ears. It’s for that reason alone that I believe everyone should incorporate a moc into their casual rotation. The uniqueness and simplicity breaks up the norms of everyday life. 

Nike x Acronym Vapormax Moc pair
courtesy of © Les 83 Machines

Accent colors play a big part in my style choices. I’m a huge fan of understated and muted earth tones throughout my closet which can then be bolded by louder accessories. The neon strap running horizontally across the tongue and vertical strip running up the heel break up the predominantly black and white silhouette, speaking to my soul. I applaud this use of an underutilized color to really punch up a fit.

Another understated choice in the design process that I think sets the Nike Acronym Vapormax apart is the two toned outsole. As if the individual pockets of air weren’t enough to draw the eye, Acronym designer Errolson Hugh also opted to make three quarters of the bubbles white with the remaining clear. This gives off the appearance of the toes slightly hovering above the ground. 

A statement shoe as bold as the Nike Acronym Vapormax deserves to be on full display. I often opt to wear this pair during the spring and summer months with a pair of shorts and whatever necessary up top. I feel the smooth laceless moc style looks right at home with a low ankle sock and either some proper joggers or shorts that hit above the knee. This shoe can also obviously be pulled off as Errolson had intended with a full on techwear winter fit, however, I appreciate mixing it up.

Nike x Acronym Vapormax Moc Value

If you were able to secure a pair at launch back in 2018 for $225, the price was awesome considering the level that most Acronym garments trade at. Since then, the Acronym Nike Vapormax moc has only continued to appreciate in value with unworn shoe prices ranging from $250 - $500 on secondary retail sites like GOAT. But let's be honest, nobody is purchasing these shoes for the value. These are strictly for style which typically results in value being sacrificed.

While I purchased these shoes on release day 5 years ago, I can’t say I’ve worn them to an extent that would allow me to determine their longevity. That being said, If they wear like any of the other Nike Vapormax shoes, these are sure to last for quite a while when met with casual usage. If that does turn out to be true, then there is definitely a case to be made for the overall value of these shoes.

Acronym is always expensive. I don’t think I’ll receive an argument there. At the end of the day, it will certainly be on an individual basis to determine your price threshold for an item like the Nike Vapormax moc. Whenever leading Nike technology meets iconic Acronym style, I will always take a shot at acquiring at launch.

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