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Often an overlooked staple in any closet is the comfortable and trusty long sleeve basic t-shirt. I’ve always been a fan of a short sleeve t-shirt under either a hoodie or jacket during the winter months as it allows me to shed layers throughout the day. But there are those incremental times when either the weather is so frigid that it requires an additional layer or so mild that it doesn’t require a sweatshirt or jacket. This is where the Reigning Champ midweight long sleeve t-shirt really comes into play. 

The midweight cotton does a nice job of balancing thickness with softness which should be of no surprise. Truly the kings of cozy classics, Reigning Champ produces some of the finest cotton garments that never sacrifice on quality or construction. The long sleeve t-shirt features a relaxed fit (not my favorite) that is more baggy than their traditional slim fitting shirts. You may want to size down for a fit that feels more familiar if you're a fan of the brand, or go true to size for a comfortable loose fit. Raglan sleeves, flatlock seams, drop shoulders, and premium ribbed cuffs/collar round out the details of these t-shirts that are certainly built to last. With plenty of vivid colors to choose from, the midweight long sleeve t-shirt is perfect for those that like to layer or need a basic that keeps them extra warm.

Review Ratings


  • Midweight material is decently heavy providing a nice amount of warmth from a t-shirt
  • Reigning Champ construction quality is always top notch with over engineered seams, uniquely patterned design, and premium cotton
  • Full range of colors not found on the jersey weight long sleeve t-shirts
  • Easy to wear daily with a very comfortable and cozy cotton


  • Relaxed fit is not my favorite for everyday wear, however, it works for certain styles and looks
  • Arguably high price for a basic long sleeve t-shirt

Reigning Champ Midweight Long Sleeve T-shirt

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Review Details

Reigning Champ Midweight Long Sleeve T-Shirt Sizing

When it comes down to the fit of the Reigning Champ midweight long sleeve t-shirt, there are some highs and lows as it pertains to my style and preference. At this time, the long sleeve midweight t-shirt is only offered in a relaxed fit. If you’re familiar with Reigning Champ, you’ll know that they offer three different cuts for their garments. This includes slim, classic, and relaxed with each fitting just as it sounds. The slim fit is what originally brought me to the brand as it seemed like few companies were offering basics in a proper fit. In recent years, the fit range was expanded, most likely in an attempt to broaden their audience and grow the bottom line. 

reigning champ long sleeve t shirt review

For context, I am 5’11” and 170 pounds wearing a size 32 in denim and a large in outerwear and shirting. Reigning Champ recommends sizing down for a more slim fit, however, a relaxed cut is more than just the brands decision to size up by a single increment. I typically find that sizing down in a garment that was intended to be worn relaxed results in proportions being off elsewhere. Not wanting to risk an awkward fit, I went ahead with my natural size in Reigning Champ which is large. This was the first relaxed fit garment that I have purchased from Reigning Champ and overall, there are definitely some pros and cons.

As the description would suggest, this t-shirt does fit more loosely throughout the torso and arms. There is some roominess in the bicep area where the sleeves connect and the body has a bit of extra wiggle room compared to the slim fitting variant, not my favorite. The overall length of this t-shirt is roughly 0.5” longer than the slim fitting jersey shirt which works out well for layering in the cold. I’d say the snugness in the collar falls in the goldilocks zone of not too tight and not too loose, it’s just about right. The sleeves on the other hand (no pun intended), are a tad long and loose fitting. The cuffs don’t fit super snug and tend to creep down the hand ever so slightly. This extra space in the wrist is nice for pulling the shirt over a watch, but less desirable from a visual standpoint. I did find that the sleeves tend to hold their shape well, even when stretched by pulling the sleeves slightly up the forearm. 

The raglan sleeves and drop shoulder design aid in comfort and movability which is quite nice. These features also add to the overall aesthetics of the shirt, displaying far more technical prowess than your average tube shirt. Overall, I’m content with the fit, but can’t help to wonder how a size medium might look on my frame. I do wish this midweight shirt was available in a traditional true to size slim fit without the need to test sizing down.

Reigning Champ Midweight Long Sleeve T-Shirt Construction

If you’ve read our Reigning Champ short sleeve t-shirt review, then most of this may sound slightly redundant as construction quality carries through to each and every piece produced by Reigning Champ. It is for that reason that I continue to purchase the many different seasonal variations of t-shirts and sweatshirts from the brand. They last forever, are easy to wear on a regular basis, and only get better with time.

reigning champ long sleeve t shirt review back

The midweight long sleeve t-shirt inherits many of the same elements from the short sleeve jersey variant with the main difference being the heavier cotton weave (and obviously the sleeves, they’re longer). A signature detail of form and function is the flatlock seams that are used to secure each piece of the shirt together. These run up along the side of the body, down the top and underside of the sleeves, around the armpit and up the back angled towards the collar. Flatlock seams serve the purpose of comfort with less material pinched together pointing towards your skin, as well as over engineered functional construction that is unlikely to ever unravel. As an added plus, these types of seams also bring about a nice accent to an otherwise basic t-shirt.

The sleeves have been attached in a semi raglan style where the armhole is slightly curved outward towards the lower shoulder seam on the front and inwards towards the neckline on the back. They’ve also been cut in a drop shoulder pattern which sees the angle of the shoulders appear more relaxed. Both of these features can be easily overlooked and under-appreciated, however, they greatly add to the overall comfort, fit, detail, and design that Reigning Champ has incorporated into this long sleeve t-shirt.

The midweight cotton used in the construction of the Reigning Champ long sleeve t-shirt is significantly more robust than that found on the jersey t-shirt, possibly by 2x. The additional weight brings about less stretch and more structure in the body, all while maintaining the same level of softness and comfort. The cotton ribbed neckline is thicker and more pronounced than the jersey t-shirt with just enough stretch to make pulling over your head an easy task. An added detail found on the midweight t-shirt that is non-existent on the jersey t-shirt is the use of a soft cotton neckline seam cover along the back. This adds comfort by ensuring that the seams do not rub or irritate your neck, definitely a nice touch. Ribbing around the sleeve cuffs appear to be a bit more dense in design than the collar with some extra stretch incorporated.

reigning champ long sleeve t shirt review green

Finishing details are pretty standard on each and every Reigning Champ garment. These include the only hint of exterior branding, a 1x1” woven white logo tag adorning the lower left hip seam. There is also an interior neckline logo/size tag that has been sewn in with a zigzag stitch, exposing the stitching pattern along the exterior of the neck. This added detail is not traditionally found on the jersey weight garments. A small hang loop has been incorporated into the neckline just above the size tag which can be used for storage or drying. Overall, I can’t sing a high enough praise for the made in Canada construction quality of Reigning Champ.

Reigning Champ Midweight Long Sleeve T-Shirt Style

It took some self convincing to finally make the jump and purchase a relaxed fit t-shirt. I generally gravitate more towards the slim fit line of Reigning Champ as it suits my proportions perfectly, however, this was not an option for this specific midweight garment. I went with the typical black, gray, and moss (essentially dark olive) colors which are always a must, and at the last second threw in the seasonal offering of deep teal so as to avoid any regret.

reigning champ long sleeve t shirt review back

I wouldn’t say that this long sleeve t-shirt is particularly stylish, at least no more so than any other everyday basic. That being said, it is easy to wear with just about anything. I generally pair these t-shirts with my everyday black or raw denim or for a more sporty look, a pair of John Elliott Himalayan pants. The looser fitting style goes well with a pant that stacks as it creates a complete look. 

When worn under a jacket or sweatshirt, the extra body length does layer nicely if you prefer the look of the lower layer on display. I tend to like a monochromatic style of a black top and bottom with a pop of color from the layered long sleeve t-shirt. Because there is some extra room in the torso of this shirt, you can also opt to wear a slightly longer contrasting color undershirt for a decent layered visual. The versatility of a quality basic like this Reigning Champ long sleeve t-shirt is relatively massive.

Reigning Champ Midweight Long Sleeve T-Shirt Value

At $90 per t-shirt, I wouldn’t classify this as a value buy. But when it comes to Reigning Champ, the case is always to be made that the utilization and longevity need to be factored in. With something as simple as a long sleeve t-shirt, you’re sure to get plenty of rotations out of it throughout the winter months. With proper laundry care and regular use, Reigning Champ cotton will be the gift that keeps on giving. 

If you are to consider this shirt as part of a collection that you will have for many years, the value begins to align into perspective. I know each time I purchase a Reigning Champ product, it is not to replace one that has worn out, rather it is to add to the growing collection of rotating colors. If at first you scoff at the price, take a moment to consider whether this is a garment that will pay for itself with years of utilization.

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