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Reigning Champ has been at the pinnacle of french terry and fleece garment making for a while now and I applaud their more recent efforts to develop some outerwear focused pieces. One that caught my eye was their nylon anorak jacket, a more underrated outerwear silhouette that I find quite nice from an aesthetic standpoint. Reigning Champ’s take on this style has amounted to a visually pleasing jacket that is somewhat limited in functional use during colder months. Constructed from a beautiful textured italian nylon that has undergone a garment dyeing process, both the black and sierra jackets have a unique crinkly appearance that is very deep and rich in color, unlike a typical nylon jacket. Metal YKK vislon zippers with Reigning Champ logo detail secure the side pockets (it’s actually a kangaroo pocket) as well as the half zip on the chest. An easily accessible snap pocket can be seen on the front of the garment which while functional, does appear as a bit of an afterthought.

Sizing for the Reigning Champ anorak jacket is noted as classic which is more roomy than the traditional slim fit. I found the fit to be acceptable, however, if I had my choice I would opt for a more trim fitting body. An adjustable shock cord is present at the hem to secure the bottom from drafty air. Additional shock cords can be found on each side of the hood allowing for a proper cinch on those colder days. The entirety of the interior is lined with micromesh which was one of the bigger shortcomings in my opinion. Not only does the mesh not add warmth, it actually feels a bit cold on the skin. All in all, this is a nice casual anorak jacket that serves the greater purpose of form than function.

Review Ratings


  • Textured Italian nylon with garment dyed finish provides a unique look and feel
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to pack and carry when not in use
  • Shock cords at the hem and hood allow for extra cinching to block out frigid air
  • YKK metal vislon zippers with Reigning Champ logo detail secure the side pockets with an additional hidden snap pocket on the front
  • Typical Reigning Champ construction that is surely built to last


  • Don’t expect a ton of warmth as the italian nylon is thin and not the most insulating
  • Micromesh interior lining is similar to the inside of athletic shorts, not my favorite
  • Overall fit is decent, however, I wouldn’t have minded a bit more slimness in the body

Reigning Champ Nylon Anorak Jacket

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Review Details

Reigning Champ Nylon Anorak Jacket Sizing

If you’ve read my other Reigning Champ reviews, then I may begin to sound like a broken record. There are essentially three different fits offered by Reigning Champ, slim, classic, and relaxed. And you guessed it, each one fits just as it sounds. I typically prefer the slim fit in every piece I order, however, it is not always the case that all three fits are offered in every garment. For context, I am 5’11” and 175 pounds with a normal to athletic build. I typically wear a size 32 in denim and a size large in shirting and outerwear.  

reigning champ nylon anorak jacket crimson

Reigning Champ formally classifies the fit of their nylon anorak jacket as classic which they deem suitable for all body types. I ordered a size large for this first classic fit item that I’ve purchased from Reigning Champ and overall I’d say that there is a noticeable difference when compared to their slim fitting sweatshirts. You’ll immediately find some extra room throughout the mid section as it does have a wider frame. This translates to a bit more of a baggy fit that you might find on a standard pullover anorak. The sleeves are well fitted around the forearm and cuffs with a bit more room in the bicep and underarm. I don’t mind the classic fit, but if there was an option for this anorak jacket in a slim fit, I would 100% select it. 

The hood is nice and roomy which is the case for all Reigning Champ hooded garments. The half zipper is long enough to make it easy to pull over the body and slide into without getting caught. Shock cords in the hood and along the bottom hem help tighten things down. I try to keep the hem either fully loose or only slightly tightened to avoid a billowy look unless I’m looking to layer. Overall, this anorak jacket fits decently, yet you may want to size down for a more tailored fit.

Reigning Champ Nylon Anorak Jacket Construction

If you’re looking for an anorak jacket that is anything more than a packable shell, then you may want to consider other options. The Reigning Champ anorak jacket is a nice piece of outerwear that serves the purpose of rain repellent and incredible urban style, however, If you're seeking to stay warm during more extreme temperature drops, you may be better served by an insulated alternative. 

With that out of the way, there are some high points for what Reigning Champ has built. This anorak jacket features a very distinct italian nylon that is instantly recognizable. It has a pretty awesome garment dyed sheen to it that I’ll elaborate more on in the style section. The body of the jacket features some untraditional cut and sew lines that add a bit of detail beyond your general tube body.

reigning champ nylon anorak jacket back

There are 3 YKK vislon zippers used throughout, one on the main half zip and the other two on the pockets. I’m pleased with this selection as the metal zippers glide effortlessly and feel more quality than the plastic alternatives. I also love that the zippers are black in color, blending in with the nylon on the black version and adding a nice contrast on the sierra version. The zippered pockets on each side of the jacket are actually connected in the middle, forming a single kangaroo pocket. This makes it easy to access whatever you might have in your pockets by unzipping either side.

You’ll also find a medium size hidden snap pocket which is located under the center flap adorning the middle of the jacket. This provides a bit of additional storage that is separate from the other hand pockets. A pocket of this type is typical on anorak jackets, however, I think I would have preferred this be omitted as I don’t believe it positively adds to the design. A more simple silhouette with just the vertical zippers would have made more of a statement in my opinion, but this is not a deal breaker for me.

Shock cords are present on each side of the hood which makes it easy to cinch closed and secure around the face. You’ll also find a single shock cord in the bottom hem along the left side just under the sewn in logo tag. A nice form fitting elastic is present in each cuff end which in true Reigning Champ style, fits very snug.

One of the main things that I don’t particularly care for in the construction of this jacket is the micromesh lining that is used along the entire inside as well as for the pockets. The decision to utilize this material as opposed to a traditional nylon lining was an interesting gamble that I don’t believe paid off. The micromesh is very similar to the type of lining that you would find on a pair of gym shorts or a bathing suit, it’s very thin, loose, and full of tiny holes. My gripe with this material is that while soft, it just doesn’t feel nice. It’s easy to snag when putting the jacket on or anytime you place your hands in the pockets. I can understand why Reigning Champ may have chosen to go this route, it aligns with their sporty and athletic aesthetic, but unfortunately it’s a no from me.

Reigning Champ Nylon Anorak Jacket Style

One of the bigger selling points of this jacket is the simple style brought about by the unique materials. It’s difficult to describe the appearance of the garment dyed finish on the italian nylon as pictures do not do it justice. There is a permanent crinkly/wrinkly sheen that refracts light at certain angles while appearing dull at others. This texture carries throughout the anorak jacket in a uniform manner giving it a look and feel not generally found on your everyday nylon garment. Packing the anorak jacket enhances wrinkles which only further adds to the character over time. Both the black and sierra colors are surprisingly super vivid and deep which I imagine is a direct result of the garment dye process. The best I can describe the look and feel of the finished product is nothing short of special.

reigning champ nylon anorak jacket front

Generally speaking, I'm a proponent of the anorak style. I always have one on rotation as I prefer the clean pullover design with extra room around the neck. It looks casual and easy with a hint of utilitarian function. The Reigning Champ iteration is free flowing and lightweight making it simple to take with you everywhere and call upon whenever needed. 

I initially purchased the black color for versatility followed by the sierra, which is essentially a deep burgundy. Both of these colors are easy to wear everyday with one of my favorite underrated looks being burgundy on top of an olive bottom. The sporty nature of this jacket allows it to pair well with a jogger pant or can be easily worn with a casual pair or denim. I also prefer the layered look with a basic Reigning Champ t-shirt or henley hanging out past the bottom hem and the top buttons opened just beneath the unzipped upper.

Reigning Champ Nylon Anorak Jacket Value

When first released, the Reigning Champ anorak jacket was priced at $375. Even as a major fan of Reigning Champ, this was too high for my consideration given the overall functionality and range of use. After not too long, the price was updated on both the black and sierra colors to $230 making it much more competitive given the overall construction (no gore-tex or other performance materials). Garment dyed italian nylon is a specialized material that you are unlikely to stumble across in many jackets. It is a premium nylon that commands a high price tag for the beautiful aesthetics and trademark characteristics. Generally found on the range of products from various italian based brands such as Stone Island etc, this material is solely responsible for the initial sticker shock.

I purchased the Reigning Champ anorak jacket for the purpose of form over function and I’m quite pleased with what I received. Knowing that this jacket will last for many years given the Reigning Champ reputation, makes me content with the value. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye out to see if additional colors may make their way to this silhouette in the future.

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