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Review Summary

Blending athletic performance with style is never an easy endeavor as one aspect is typically compromised for the other. That couldn’t be further from the truth with the District Vision Junya Racer sunglasses. These purpose built shades feature some of the most advanced materials and manufacturing technologies paired with a design that is arguably undefeated. For fans of the lightweight, aerodynamic, wraparound style in awesome color combinations, look no further, seriously.

Comfort and fit over the long haul matter most with any athletic accessory and District Vision has made this their top priority. Thanks to Japanese engineered titanium construction, each pair of Junya Racer’s weigh in at just 24 grams making them basically unnoticeable when in motion. The hypoallergenic nose pad and temple tips feature a rubber with just the right amount of grab to keep the shades in place without any shift during activity. Proprietary polycarbonate D+ lens technology shields your eyes from 100% of UVA/B rays as well as other harsh elements with different offerings available depending on your light transmission preference. 

While the cost is on the high side for an athletic accessory, the overall form, comfort, adjustability, and functionality is truly unbeatable. If you’re a highly dedicated athlete chasing a PR or even just want a very aggressive yet stylish pair of sunglasses for navigating around town, look no further.

Review Ratings


  • Incredibly lightweight titanium core for ultra comfort during prolonged use
  • Perfectly snug adjustable fit with ribbed nose pad and rotating temple tips to secure during all activity types
  • Superior eye protection from harsh sun rays with therapeutic grade D+ lens technology
  • Polycarbonate lens is shatterproof, anti reflective, and water/oil repellent
  • Very unique color offerings and aesthetically pleasing aggressive design


  • Price is higher than many other athletic eyewear offerings
  • Exclusive models sell out regularly on site and through very select retailers
  • Difficult to keep fingerprints off the lens on the spectral mirror version

District Vision Junya Racer Sunglasses


Review Details

District Vision Junya Racer Sizing

During any athletic pursuit, more important than style is fit. The last thing you want on mile 22 of a marathon is to continually be adjusting your glasses that are bouncing around on your face like a ‘64 Impala with premium hydraulics. Through years of research and actual athletic field testing, District Vision has perfected the fit of the Junya Racer by incorporating an adjustable rubber nose pad and properly positioned temple tips, both of which are hypoallergenic. 

The nose pad can be spread apart or pinched together to snugly fit the bridge of your nose, however, I found it to fit just right in the original unaltered position. It also has a nice ribbed texture that provides a bit more grip on the nose to prevent sliding around when sweaty, a nice detail indeed. The rubber on the temple tips give just enough friction when hugging the head to keep the lightweight glasses from exhibiting any forward and backward movement when in motion. An additional added benefit is the rotation that can be found in the temple tips. These can be turned 360 degrees to add even more security and fit the shape of each individuals ear. All tips also feature an unassuming opening which acts as a connection point for various sports straps.

The overall shape of the lens follows the orbital bone structure along the top of the cheek and wraps nicely around the contour of the face, extending around the sides of the eyes just enough to protect the full field of vision. Peripheral views are fully shielded from the sun’s rays and are unobstructed given the frameless design along the sides. The size of the single lens measures 140mm wide and 50 mm tall to give you full coverage top to bottom and side to side with little chance for unwanted rays to creep in. 

I often think of comfort as something that either enhances sensation or is completely unnoticeable when worn. The Junya Racer falls into the latter category. Once the sunglasses settle on the bridge of the nose and your eyes acclimate to the change in light transmission, you might as well forget that you even have them on. They become somewhat of an extension of yourself that you might almost forget to take off when no longer needing them. With any athletic endurance pursuit, what more could you ask for than one less distraction. 

District Vision Junya Racer Construction

Japanese construction is never in question. End of story. With District Vision engineering and building all of their sunglasses in Japan, you can be sure that they will not only be some of the most advanced, but also stand the test of time. If you asked me what I would need in a pair of sunglasses for endurance running or cycling, I can’t think of anything additional than what is already built before me in the form of the District Vision Junya Racer.

The full titanium core runs throughout the top of the TR90 nylon frame, the temple tips, and all of the hardware used to secure everything together. This keeps the overall weight of the Junya Racer at only 24 grams which is incredibly important in aiding comfort. The nylon frame is sturdy with tight tolerances at all connection points, yet has some flex to it around the ears. Opening and closing of the Junya Racers feels smooth with subtle resistance and zero wobble or play.

While all models of the Junya Racer offer 100% UVA/B protection, there are slight variances in light transmission depending on the therapeutic grade lens that is equipped. With the D+ spectral mirror lens found on the pink moon model, 29.07% of light is let through to the eyes. The awesome and instantly recognizable mirror coating found on the outside of the lens also helps with screening of the sun's infrared rays. The black rose model, on the other hand, features a variable light transition lens that will transmit anywhere from 15.6% to 35.15% of light depending on lighting conditions. This makes way for significantly better visibility during rapidly changing conditions. When it comes to blue light transmission, this too will vary by lens type, however, it typically ranges from roughly 14-16% for the models that I have selected. 

The construction of the lens is formed from a single piece of proprietary polycarbonate which is shatterproof, a nice to have for overall longevity. Along the interior of the lens, there is an anti reflective coating to ward off any unwanted light or noise in the field of vision. Once the lens nears completion and prior to its final installation, it is specially treated with an oleophobic finish to make it water and oil repellent. While this process certainly helps fight off fogging and sweaty smudges, it’s still not perfect (especially with the spectral mirror lens). I have made it a habit to properly clean my lens prior to each run as I find that I create greasy streaks from my fingers wiping off drops of sunscreen laced sweat from the day prior. Perhaps it is my OCD taking over, but I prefer a pristine lens so as not to distract my eyes while I’m attempting to focus on the task at hand. Fogging on the other hand, is nonexistent. 

While I have yet to drop, sit on, or drag these sunglasses across a porous surface (and hopefully I never do), I can say that the overall durability does feel up to the task. Due to the lightweight nature, I wouldn’t imagine a fall from an average height to be of much burden. The anti shatter lens and flexibility in the TR90 nylon frame material should provide some shock absorption and give in the event of an accidental squish from the bottom of a rump. After 6 months of use, I have yet to develop a single scratch on either of the two lenses from everyday athletic wear and travel which I hope to be the case years down the road.

District Vision Junya Racer Style

I can’t lie, it was the unique and aggressive style of the District Vision Junya Racer that immediately piqued my interest. The ‘serious business’ wrap-around silhouette is contrasted by the pink and purple clad lenses on each of the models that I opted for, resulting in a perfect harmony. The predominantly frameless design leaves the raw edge of the lens exposed along the bottom which seemingly enhances the overall aesthetic.

The two models that I purchased, Pink Moon with D+ spectral mirror lens and the Clear with D+ black rose lens are probably as good as it gets. I’ll be surprised if District Vision can conceptualize a color combo that wows me more than these two pairs of perfection, however, I’m proud to extend this challenge. Both the pink moon and clear iterations feature a translucent frame that exposes the titanium skeleton. The pink moon model has a subtle pink hue throughout the frame, nose pad, and temple tips while the clear model is, well, clear. 

The spectral mirror lens on the Junya Racer pink moon is the real show stopper in terms of aesthetics. Starting from the center and extending to each of the outer edges is an array of color consisting of dark pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue in that order. This dramatic mirror finish seems to shift in hue depending on the angle and intensity of the light reflecting off of it. When being worn, the various colors are innocuous and do not present themselves as distractions to the eyes. Bright and shiny colors certainly make for a flashy statement that I almost feel I am too slow on the feet to pull off which is partly the reason I also opted for the clear with black rose pair of Junya Racers (kidding). 

The black rose lens is more tame and transparent in appearance allowing the outside world to actually see your eyes. The color appears exactly as it sounds, although maybe leaning slightly more towards a purple rose than a pink rose. Perhaps black cherry or light burgundy would be more appropriate, but we’re splitting hairs. This lens hides smudges and fingerprints much better than the mirrored counterpart and due to the transitionary nature, can look darker or lighter depending on the external conditions. I’d say that this is my everyday running pair while the pink moon Junya Racers patiently standby for race day. 

While I have not yet taken the leap to wear the District Vision Junya Racers while running errands or enjoying a pint on a patio (I reserve the Nagata Speed Blades or the Keiichis for this), one could certainly do so. They 100% give off an aura of absolute speed that can be paired with a basic t-shirt and a casual pair of nylon joggers with an appropriately fast running shoe. I’m a sucker for the legacy Nike flyknit racer and trainer or the OG vapormax. They’d also go quite well with a comfortable well fitted hoodie, training shorts that hit above the knee, and a durable off-road shoe like the Roa Hiking Katharina.

District Vision Junya Racer Value

The Junya Racer retails for $295 across the board no matter the color combination or lens selection. For an athletic focused accessory, this is certainly on the high side. When compared to competitors in the space, the Junya Racer might be roughly 2-3x the average cost of their offerings. Is there a way to justify the value of these sunglasses? That depends.

The obvious value add is in the impeccable engineering, made in Japan prestige, and selection of materials. If weight, comfort, fit, and style are a priority of yours then the Junya Racer will be very hard to top. It’s been a while since I’ve owned a pair of Oakleys or other purpose built sunglasses, thus my references may be outdated, but those brands were not in the same ballpark as District Vision on all accounts. 

The exclusive nature and distribution network of District Vision makes each pair seem slightly more special than a heavily mass produced pair of sunglasses. You are highly unlikely to casually cross paths with another athlete let alone an everyday human who is rocking the Junya Racer. While the value in this is entirely subjective, I typically gravitate towards the less common and more unique offerings in life which boosted my enthusiasm for the brand. 

Each pair of Junya Racers come in a 630GSM microfiber cinch pouch that can double as a much needed lens cloth. They are then placed inside a nice thick and sturdy branded box that clearly lays out the technology and brand ethos. Accompanying the sunglasses is a brief manual that goes over the adjustability features as well as the District Vision brand story. 

Is the culmination of all these benefits worth you parting with $295? That’s definitely for you to decide. I can honestly say that while I currently own three pairs of District Vision sunglasses, I won’t be surprised if this number doubles in the coming years.

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