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Review Summary

Pas Normal Studios mechanism jerseys were 100% built with the ethos of form and function. The superior race fit is tough to beat if you’re seeking pure performance with low aero drag and warm weather riding comfort. The small details make up one beautifully built jersey that has quickly become one of my go to’s for all summer and spring rides. Each mechanism jersey features a durable polyester and elastane blend that fits snug around all the contours of the body. Grippers on the sleeves and bottom torso help keep everything in place without being overly constrictive. The aero collar hugs the neck nicely to avoid flapping in the wind when in an aero position on the bike. 

From a design standpoint, the Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey is clean and simple with minimal amounts of typography. This strays from some of the traditional designs commonly found throughout the cycling industry, which is a welcomed change. I’ve found the mechanism line in particular to be very durable and aerodynamic with some of the more comfortable proportions compared to other offerings from PNS. While the price point is higher than most of the competition, this is one jersey that I am happy to pay for.

Review Ratings


  • Perfect fit when sized right and paired with Pas Normal Studios mechanism bibs
  • Elastic in bicep hems and waist are a nice circumference for overall fit, performance and comfort
  • Beautiful color matched zipper with garages at each end provide a nice touch for a clean aesthetic
  • Pockets are very durable and easily accessible with 3 that are open from the top and one zippered on the right side
  • Lightweight and breathable fabric make this the perfect warm to hot weather jersey


  • Priced higher than most other jerseys on the market
  • Will fit slightly short on taller riders over 6 foot and may expose mid section when off bike
  • Finding the perfect size for each individuals proportions may/will take some trial and error

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Jersey

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Review Details

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Jersey Sizing

While I have very little negative to say about Pas Normal Studios, the one thing that will cause you some issues is the sizing. Inconsistent sizing across the various lines often results in quite a bit of trial and error with the unfortunate overseas return from time to time. I’ve concluded that once you find your size in mechanism, the other lines fit as follows. Mechanism, mechanism pro, and solitude all fit very similarly with what can be described as a premium snug race cut. I take the same size in all of these jerseys. Essential jerseys are a bit more relaxed and spacious (if you can call it that) which typically leads me to size down by one. The tough part if you're new to Pas Normal Studios, is deciding what size to initially order as your starting point.

pas normal studios mechanism jersey review back

Lucky for me, I had the pleasure of visiting the Pas Normal Studios North America headquarters in San Francisco, CA which gave me free reign to try on items as I pleased. I currently have a slim build standing at 5’11” and weighing 165 pounds. This tends to fluctuate plus or minus 5 pounds depending on the season and overall training, but I’ll say the fit holds true regardless of this deviation. If I were to move forward based on the recommended sizing on the Pas Normal Studios website, I would have opted for a medium. After some chatting with the awesome in store sales folks, I started out with a size large.

To my surprise and delightment, the large fit like a glove. The delightment comes from not having taken the gamble of ordering online utilizing the sizing charts, which I feel would have left me fully displeased and needing a diet. I tend to follow the methodology of ‘if it zips, it fits’ which suited me very well with the size large, less so the medium. By no means is the zipper at risk of bursting open on the large, however, the fit is very race inspired and may feel tight for some, at least initially. I was happy to realize that all of the openings fit my proportions quite nicely. I’m by no means muscular and would classify myself as having a typical cyclist form, that is to say, slim neck, arms and torso. The waist on the mechanism jersey fits snug and stays in place when hunched over on the bike. The sleeves are a decent length and grip nicely while not being overly stretched or constraining. The neck, in my opinion, is perfection.

One of the main things that drives me wild on some jerseys is the overall style and fit of the neck. When cut too wide and loose, I can feel the increased drag along the back of the collar, essentially flapping in the wind when in an aggressive riding position. The Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey features a slightly elevated collar that hugs the neck without constriction. Of all the jerseys I currently own from Pas Normal Studios, the mechanism collar design might be my favorite. 

pas normal studios mechanism jersey review side

The overall length of the Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey may be a turn off for some as it does fit slightly short. I didn’t find this to be an issue for myself as the jersey seemed to work perfectly with the Pas Normal Studio bibs, however, if paired with bibs that are cut a bit lower in the front or if you exceed 6 feet tall, I can imagine your tummy may be exposed when not on the bike. This might result in some straying eyes in the coffee shop. There is a practical reason for this shorter hem. When in an aggressive position on the bike, all of the bunching that would be present on longer jerseys is eliminated, thus reducing unwanted aero drag. What might feel short off the bike, certainly feels right at home when riding.

I’ve no doubt that each individual will still undergo some degree of trial and error when sizing Pas Normal Studios. As frustrating as this might be, I believe you’ll find the mechanism jersey to be totally worth it. Once you land on the size that fits your proportions, you’ll be hard pressed to go back to the other alternatives, all things considered. 

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Jersey Construction

As with all premium price point items, one hopes that the construction quality will ensure it can stand the test of time. From my nearly 4,000 miles of testing various Pas Normal Studios jerseys, I’ve yet to have any construction concerns with the mechanism line, though I have thoughts on some of the others. Mechanism has become one of the brand's staples and for good reason; it’s versatile, well fitting, suited for any type of training, and it simply performs.

pas normal studios mechanism jersey review side front

The overall makeup of the mechanism jersey is 86% polyester and 14% elastane allowing for quite a bit of stretch with a decent amount of breathability. This composition is very similar to the essential line, yet much stretchier than mechanism pro and some of the solitude variations. The fabric is relatively lightweight and more suited for the warmer spring and summer months when you’re fighting off the sweat. The exterior is tightly woven and slick with a slight sheen while the interior has a subtle textured weave that helps wick moisture off the skin. The elastane allows for the mechanism jersey to mold to the contours of the body in order to fit very snug and therefore aero. I can confirm that when Pas Normal Studios says this jersey has a race fit, it indeed has a race fit.

Pockets are a crucial part of any cycling jersey with durability and accessibility often playing the role of deal breaker. The Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey features the typical three open pockets along the lower back with a hidden zippered pocket on the right hip. From an accessibility standpoint, the pockets do sit a bit higher up the back than some other jerseys due to the slightly shorter overall length of the jersey. I’ve yet to experience any issue grabbing my mid ride gels or chews, but did notice that it requires just a bit more flexibility. 

I always ride with the typical packed pockets which include a spare tube, CO2, air chuck, tire levers, gels, a gilet on colder days, and my cell phone. These items all fit without hassle and are kept snug to the body with minimal movement. I’d say that the cell phone will slightly pull the pocket down due to its weight, but generally speaking, the pockets hold their form. To this date, I’ve not yet had any concerns with durability as the pockets on all of my mechanism jerseys still look and function as they did day one.   

One of the understated details that is found on each Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey is the color matched YKK full length zipper. As with all YKK zippers, operation is smooth with easy engagement and reliable functionality time after time. A zipper garage can be found at each end of the zipper chain which provides for a clean and comfortable finish. This extra bit of material that covers the zipper pull around the neck ensures that there is no rubbing or chafing while the cover at the bottom cleanly conceals the zipper chain end. 

Similar to the zippers, the two inch width elastic grippers found on each sleeve as well as the bottom of the waist are color matched to perfectly blend and appear as one with the jersey. The criss cross patterned grippers have decent hold on the skin and require rolling up to slide the sleeves over the biceps when pulling the jersey on. Once in place, I’ve found that they are comfortable with just the right amount of stretch to form fit and not allow air to billow. As mentioned earlier, my relatively slim build is not necessarily testing the limits or retraction of the elastic. That being said, all grippers have held up fine over time with no excessive wear or fatigue.

Overall, the construction quality of the Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey is very solid. This was a relief to realize as I had intended to use these jerseys for many years given the higher price point. I currently rotate through a few different mechanism jerseys (black, petroleum, and dusty mauve) and to my delight, all seem to be standing up to the thousands of sweaty miles without any significant signs of wear and tear.

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Jersey Style

I may be slightly biased, but I strongly believe that the Pas Normal Studios mechanism jerseys, while plain, are some of the most stylish jerseys available today. This goes for just about all of their jerseys including Solitude and T.K.O., with some exceptions (there’s some seriously loud colors). It’s at this point that I begin to sound like a full on Pas Normal Studios fanboy and shill, which I concede. I do like the brand. 

Style is one of the more difficult criteria to weigh as it is one of the most subjective. In a world of traditional jerseys clad in multiple logos, contrasting colors, and geometric shapes, I feel it's easy to see what has set PNS apart. Simple typography with what I perceive as a strong brand, laid upon solid hues is timeless. The small Pas Normal Studios logo adorning the left pectoral area is not overly obtrusive. Across the back is the larger PNS logo in the traditional triangular layout with the ‘international cycling club’ text along the bottom. From a design standpoint it’s definitely not groundbreaking, however, the intentional restraint to keep the design minimal has won me over.

pas normal studios mechanism jersey review front green

The all out effort to ensure each element of the jersey is dyed in the same hue has paid off. I quite like the execution of a single color that blends from polyester fabric to gripper material to YKK zipper. It’s worth noting that the white logos are not silk screened onto the material like some of the other Pas Normal Studios lines. Instead, it appears that the logos are undyed material, essentially left as negative space during the dying process. This results in more durability with zero cracking from stretching or washing.

Given the 20+ colors that are available for the mechanism line, it’s super simple to find a jersey that complements your kit or bike. With mechanism bibs available in black, white, and a handful of other colors, it’s easy to mix, match, and color block to your heart's desire. The Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey might not be the most interesting jersey ever created (limited T.K.O can help fill this gap), but it is a staple that is easy to style year round.

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Jersey Value

Across the board, no matter the product, Pas Normal Studios is not cheap, ever. The mechanism jersey retails for $200 which is a bit steep compared to the competition. The conscious buyer will be able to sleuth out sales or pick up an old season's offerings, however, the retail network in the US is not massive. The index section on the Pas Normal Studios website goes live every once in a while, but from my experience, offerings include some of the less than desirable colors and product lines.

I covered this in great detail within the construction section, but will continue to reiterate. You do get what you pay for. By that I mean a technical, functional, stylish and comfortable jersey that will stand the test of time. With the mechanism line in particular, there has not been a single moment where I’ve realized any type of deterioration. When I factor this in, the $200 price tag undoubtedly becomes more palpable as this is a jersey you won’t need to repurchase time and time again. That is unless you want to continue to expand your range of colors, of which I’m guilty. 

The Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey might be my favorite everyday multi season jersey from the brand. It’s cheaper and more resilient than mechanism pro, it fits my body better than some of the solitude variations, it can be worn more throughout the year than solitude mesh, and is more aerodynamic and enjoyable to ride in than the essential line. For all those reasons, the Pas Normal Studios mechanism jersey has become a staple in my cycling rotation that I am happy to pay for.

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