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Review Summary

A super lightweight, functional, and effective jacket from a brand that continues to impress. The Pas Normal Studios mechanism stow away jacket is an easily packable outer layer composed of Japanese durable water repellent treated nylon that serves the purpose of providing a bit of warmth and decent wind deflection. This is not the jacket for the dead of winter nor steady rain, however, it is nice to have on hand for rides that are gusty or start chilly yet end warm. Landing on the right size for your dimensions is a bit tricky as the jacket does feature a race fit that is quite tight in certain areas. I found the torso and armpit tightness to decrease with each size down, so be aware when ordering. The alternative is a slightly looser jacket, particularly around the neck and arms, which does cause slight drag when in an aero riding position.

The super simple and restrained styling from Pas Normal Studios is always a selling point. The mechanism stow away jacket is a single color throughout with only a white logo adding contrast. The perfectly color matched two way zipper includes an added pull on the bottom to allow for easy unzipping and access to jersey pockets. I do wish there was at least one pocket on the exterior of the jacket as it would be nice to quickly grab gels or chews mid ride without fiddling with a zipper. 

I have nothing but praise for the construction quality of this jacket. The elastic at the wrist and the gripper at the waist are like a kid on a roller coaster. They hold tight and won’t let go. The slightly elongated rear helps protect your back from wheel spray while the stand collar is a perfect length for keeping your neck warm. At a price of $220, the Pas Normal Studios mechanism stow away jacket is a perfect piece of insurance to take along on rides when you’re not sure what weather will present itself.

Review Ratings


  • Provides decent wind protection and mediocre heat retention for the early fall and late winter months
  • Very easily packable in a back jersey pocket which allows it to remain unnoticed when not in use
  • While slightly subjective, the simplistic design is very aesthetically pleasing
  • Premium Japanese nylon with durable water repellent treatment makes for a super lightweight garment that is incredibly functional
  • Two way zipper with extended pull operates smoothly, easily, and free of any jams


  • Sizing was difficult to get right with some compromises having to be made
  • No external pockets which requires unzipping the bottom slightly to access jersey pockets for gels mid ride
  • The back of the collar would slightly drag in the wind when in an aero riding position
  • Sub 50 degree fahrenheit rides were still uncomfortably cold when paired with a long sleeve jersey

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Stow Away Jacket

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Review Details

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Stow Away Jacket Sizing

As has come to be expected with all Pas Normal Studios sizing, there may be some trial and error involved depending on your overall dimensions. The mechanism stow away jacket is no exception. When I purchased my first of many stow away jackets, I ordered both a medium as well as a large to figure out what would work best for my body. And I sure am glad that I did.

pas normal studios mechanism stow away jacket review

For my general dimensions, I’m 5’11” and weigh 165 pounds with relatively average arm and leg length. I have a slim runner/cyclist build with more muscle in the legs than the arms. I currently wear a size large in Pas Normal Studios mechanism jerseys and size medium in Pas Normal Studios mechanism bibs. I honestly had no idea what size would best suit me when it came to the outerwear pieces as the sizing guide said one thing, while my experience with the brand tells me another.

The Pas Normal Studios mechanism stow away jacket is noted as having a race fit. This essentially translates to extremely tight fitting. I anticipated this, but was surprised by how both the large and medium fit, for different reasons. Starting with the medium, I was able to easily zip it up which was a good sign. I typically follow the adage of if it zips it fits, however, I did have some reservations. What was immediately noticeable was the extreme tightness in the armpits. It felt as if mobility was limited due to how high up the jersey was cut. If I were to extend my arms forward to a natural riding position, the armpits and shoulders felt quite constrained. To add on, the overall torso length was about the same as a typical Pas Normal Studios jersey, which if you’re familiar with the brand, is quite short. This is generally fine with jerseys, but due to the lack of elasticity in the Japanese nylon of the stow away jacket, I found it riding up quite a bit and looking slightly silly. 

This led me to size up to the large, which I honestly felt only made sense. The large was immediately more spacious and natural feeling, however, this was not without some slight tradeoffs. Due to the more comfortable size, some aspects were a little looser than I would prefer. In all of my riding gear, I like a tight collar. I tend to ride in a mostly aggressive posture and find that looser collars can cause me some drag on the back of my neck. This jacket did just that. Not to an extreme degree, but just enough to feel it billowing slightly. 

pas normal studios mechanism stow away jacket review side

The armpit area is still relatively tight on the large which I am fine with, however, the sleeves overall are a slight bit baggier with subtle stacking at the wrist when standing. When I say baggier, I mean looser than a mechanism jersey, which clearly is not as dramatic as it sounds. That being said, there is still drag to be had, and some amount of that is incremental to the size medium. When in a riding position, the sleeve length is just right with all stacking removed which I was quite glad about.

Every proportion on the torso of the jacket is significantly more comfortable on the large. The shoulder width hits where my shoulders are, which is a plus. The length typically hits right at or below where my jersey ends and the width is not nearly as constricting around the abdominal. The medium felt like I was needing to mind my P’s and Q’s during dinner time in order to avoid overly stretching out the waist during the next morning's ride. On the large, the elongated back holds in place due to the sticky elastic gripper around the waist. I found that the medium would actually ride up my back from the overall tightness in the area.

All in all, the overall sizing on the large mechanism stow away jacket is significantly less Chris Farley in Tommy Boy and definitely more Michael Douglas in Wall Street. Fingers crossed those references land and I’m not overly exposing my age. I imagine the sizing will be very individual based with everyone’s preferences differing. However, I recommend sizing up if you’re unsure, mainly due to the lack of elastic and only a super subtle stretch in the Japanese nylon. If I had based my purchase on the size chart located on the Pas Normal Studios website, I would have been left with an unwearable medium. From all my experience with the brand, mechanism jerseys, jackets, and gilets will always be ordered in a size large. 

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Stow Away Jacket Construction

Pas Normal Studios construction quality is undoubtedly always top notch. The brand has built up a solid reputation of unwillingness to sacrifice on either the form or the function which is a key reason for the massive growth since being founded in 2014. The mechanism stow away jacket is no different. 

The material used in the production of this jacket is a premium Japanese nylon that has been treated with a non-fluorinated durable water repellent. This super lightweight fabric is what makes this jacket easily packable into a rear jersey pocket with wrinkles that seemingly fallout quickly. The DWR treatment does provide nice resistance and beading on the surface when met with mist and light rain. That being said, I wouldn’t grab this jacket during a downpour as protection is only noted as mediocre (I personally have not tested this). Heat retention is also not its strong suit as I have found myself to be uncomfortable cold in sub 50 degree farenheit temperatures, even when paired with a long sleeve jersey.

pas normal studios mechanism stow away jacket review back

Each of the stow away jacket openings are slightly different in how they’ve been finished. The wrists each have a very soft and densely woven elastic cuff that fits pretty snug. I certainly have to take off my watch in order to slide the jacket on. There is not any type of gripper material on the cuffs like you would find on a jersey. I can confirm that due to the length of the sleeves, it is definitely not needed. The waist on the other hand, has a slightly stretchier and more traditional elastic woven into it with an added layer of stretchy silicone grip. When wearing the jacket fully zipped, the silicone gripper will stick to the bibs quite well and keep everything in place as intended. While on the topic of the waist, you’ll definitely notice that it is decently elongated in the back when compared to the front. This is to help protect your rear from wheel spray caused by even the most damp grounds.

The neck of the stow away jacket does not include any elastic and is built from the same material as the body. In a perfect world, I would have loved to see the neck built like the sleeves in order to accommodate a more snug fit. What Pas Normal Studios has done though is include a layer of sweat wicking mesh material surrounding the inside of the collar which seems to reduce moisture while also providing some soft comfort. This small added detail does make a big difference in the general feel of the jacket when in use. 

On the front of the collar is a nicely styled zipper garage where the black rubber tab semi lock YKK zipper can be housed when fully enclosed. I always appreciate the inclusion of a zipper cover as it helps avoid any chaffing or scratching from the zipper itself. Not to mention, it also looks quite a bit more polished. The always perfectly color matched two way zipper used on each Pas Normal Studios stow away jacket is well thought out and serves a purpose. Because there is a matte black zipper pull at each end, you can choose exactly how you would like to unzip to relieve a little heat, either from the top or the bottom, or both if you want to get wild. The lower zipper includes a 2 inch long added zipper pull that has the Pas Normal Studios ‘road to nowhere’ catch phrase. I applaud this addition as it really helps provide some super simple leverage when opening up the more commonly used lower zipper. I also think it looks pretty cool from a brand aesthetics standpoint.

pas normal studios mechanism stow away jacket review tko

One thing to note is that there are no pockets located anywhere on this jacket. When reaching for some fuel mid ride, you’ll need to unzip the lower zipper and hike up the jacket to access your rear jersey pockets. You then need to situate everything back into place and close the zipper. That is unless you want to ride with the lower zipper not fully engaged, but be prepared for drag. I know this is relatively common with jackets of this weight and purpose, however, I would have loved to see either a concealed side inseam pocket or some type of rear pocket for smaller things like gels or chews. 

Finishing touches throughout the mechanism stow away jacket include a inner neck loop that can be used for hanging, the traditional dark purple Pas Normal Studios tag affixed to the left hip seam, and beautiful double stitched seams at the connecting site of all elastic material. Generally speaking, very few items from Pas Normal Studios have given me any issue from a construction standpoint. After riding in this jacket for a full winter and putting it through the wash on many occasions, I can confidently attest to the quality control of the brand.

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Stow Away Jacket Style

It should come as no surprise that Pas Normal Studios typically always ranks high in style when compared to the alternatives. This is even more true with the T.K.O mechanism line which takes some liberties to expand outside the box from a creative standpoint. From a completely biased perspective, Pas Normal Studios limited edition T.K.O. is by far my favorite aesthetic in cycling apparel today. This has led me to purchase nearly the full disorder line including the jersey, gilet, socks, and jacket. So with that disclosed, take my style comments with a grain of salt pending your overall thoughts on the brand.

The core line of Pas Normal Studios mechanism stow away jackets follow similar design cues as all other items in the collection. A range of carefully curated solid colors with bold white branding scrolled across the back. Unlike the mechanism jerseys and bibs that feature the PNS logo laid out in a triangular pattern, the stow away jacket has the full logo with the international cycling club insignia beneath it. This logo is also present in a smaller form on the left chest. Aside from those details, the stow away jacket is otherwise all one single color in every aspect.

pas normal studios mechanism stow away jacket review unzipped

Calling it monochromatic wouldn’t do it justice. That would suggest that the stow away jacket is varying shades of a single hue. Pas Normal Studios painstakingly matches every piece that makes up the whole. This includes the zippers, elastic cuffs, and nylon which are all the exact same color code. This color block approach has become synonymous with the Pas Normal Studios brand and is one of the main reasons I’ve become a fan. 

Because there is an absence of bright abstract shapes, sharp lines, an overabundance of logos, sacred geometry, or scenic landscapes, these stow away jackets are easy to wear with just about anything. With 10 different colors available at the time of this writing, I imagine anyone can select one or two that complements either their bibs or bike. I’m quite partial to the black, off white (T.K.O disorder version), and light burgundy hues which I typically pair with black bibs and my obnoxious (not my words) gold Cervelo Soloist. The opportunities to mix and match are endless with the margin for style error being very small.

Pas Normal Studios Mechanism Stow Away Jacket Value

The Pas Normal Studios mechanism stow away jacket serves a specific and somewhat narrow purpose. It’s not cut out for full on downpours nor keeping you super warm, however, it does act as insurance when you may unexpectedly find yourself battling unforeseen elements. There may also be those rides that have temperature swings of 20+ degrees where you then can’t store heavy outerwear as you shed layers. Due to the packable nature of this jacket, it’s easy to take along with you while not feeling burdened by doing so.

At a price of $220, I believe you do get what you pay for with this functional garment if you live in a mild temperature climate. The quality is truly unsurmounted, the fit and function is high, and the style is arguably the greatest. While it may be more expensive than some of the alternatives, it should be the last you’ll need to buy. That is unless you get sucked in by the massive range of tempting colors.

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